The Lioness & The Hippo

While on safari along the Chobe River in Botswana we found this lioness stalking what looked like a sick or wounded baby hippo. The mother wandered away, and the lioness moved in. But the mother was still being vigilant.

Streets of Cambodia

Getting around Cambodia is by pedicab, tuk-tuk, and motorbike. Increasingly, Cambodians are also owning cars with SUV's and Prius's owned by the wealthy citizens. And then there are tour buses. So the streets are crowded and chaotic by American standards, particularly in Pnom Phen. But it is an experience!

The Last Mahouts in Angkor Wat

In December, 2019 the remaining elephants in Ankor Wat will be removed to a reserve, leaving several of their handlers, the mahouts without their way of life. International pressure has lead to this move after one of the elephants died, but upon our investigation for this video we ended up believing that moving the elephants wasn't necessarily the best for them. They average forty-five years old, and this has been their way of life for decades. Elephants have been a part of Ankor Wat for centuries, and in fact, did the heavy lifting to build the temple. They remain very embedded in Khmer culture.

A Slice of Life in Cambodia

Two minutes in a very complex country, severely traumatized by Pol Pot, war with the Vietnamese, and the continuing threat of land mines. Yet Cambodia is a beautiful country with friendly, gentle people; and they embrace both centuries old traditions as well as modern advances.

Uganda Gorillas

This is a one minute clip to illustrate the use of various cinematic audio enhancements: environmental sounds, loops, risers, whooshes and hits. Prepared for video instruction for the Mile High Wildlife Photography Club in Colorado, September, 2019.

5 Minutes in Uganda

Most tourists think of Uganda as the place to go to see gorillas. We did, and we got amazingly close (while they ignored us). But our permit was only for one hour. We spent two hours on a pot holed dirt road to get there, and then walked in the rainforest for 2 1/2 hours. But we were there for two weeks, and this video depicts all the other things we did. For still photos of our trip go to, or

Blacksmiths from the 3rd World & the First

This is a short video comparing the blacksmith techniques of the Datoga tribe in Ethiopia with those of my brother, an ornamental blacksmith on Whidbey Island in Washington State, USA. The Tanzania video clips were produced for the Jimmy Nelson Foundation: For more also go to my blog @

Hadzabe Tribe

The last hunter-gatherers in Tanzania. I was part of a team with the Jimmy Nelson Foundation to photograph & document the culture of this vanishing tribe. For a full presentation of this project go to my blog @, or the Foundation's site::

Safari in Sabi Sands, South Africa

Photos and video from safari February, 2019; staying at the Nkorho Bush Lodge. The trip was organized by Eagle Eye Safaris. This is my 6th safari, and it was "leopard city": we saw leopards everyday including cubs.

Wild Dogs versus Hyenas

This was one of the most exciting things I've seen in six African safaris. It occurred at Sabi Sands Nature Reserve in South Africa, where the safari vehicle drivers can go off road, sometimes crashing through the bush to get to a wildlife event. In this case some hyenas has gotten an impala kill away from a leopard. Then a pack of wild dogs treed the leopard, and tried to get the carcass from the hyenas. The dogs don't bark, they squeak; and the combination of that with the sounds of the hyenas was almost more epic than the visuals.

Winter in Yellowstone

3 1/2 minutes in Yellowstone National Park. It was hand warmer cold, and snowing much of the time. We would have highlights like seeing a pack of wolves, and just a little later watching river otters; but then we’d drive in a snowcat for five hours and not see any more wildlife – or they’d be only within binocular range. But we did see plenty of bison, coyotes, moose, bighorn sheep; trumpeter swans and to a lesser extent bald eagles, mule deer, elk and antelope. I hope the video depicts what it was like, and you don’t even have to brave the weather!

Bears of Brooks Falls

These Falls are famous for the big brown bears that fish here every year. This 4.5 minute clip shows the bear's behavior from catching fish, to playing. Brooks Falls is in the Katmai National Forest. At the beginning of the Aleutian Islands, in Alaska. This was photographed in September, 2018 at the end of the salmon season. This slide show is under copyright protection and no image or portion can be reproduced without my permission.

Botswana Safari 2018

I am now using Premier Pro exclusively for post production of my video slide shows. This is the latest example. It is my answer to the dilemma of "You can only print and frame so many photos, or put them in albums (of which I have close to 100). I am also incorporating a lot more video in my work.

I believe if you watch this you will want to do a safari in Botswana. This was my third time in Botswana, my fifth safari; Judy's 2nd safari - both Botswana with And Beyond Safaris. We chose this country because it has more wild elephants than anywhere in the world, and on any given game drive we can see lots of wildlife - both in terms of variety and quantity.

Muay Thai Kickboxing

An exhibition match which occurs nightly at the Pink Panther Nightclub in Bangkok, Thailand. They move out the go-go dancer poles, and set up a tiny ring so close I could put my camera through the ropes. The only hitch: it doesn't start until 11pm. In this match there was a knockout in the second round.

ASIA 2018

A six minute journey through Thailand, Laos & Cambodia, with a short hop into Myanmar. Video shows the impact of newly affluent Chinese tourists, Grand Palace in Bangkok, and the Floating Market, Myanmar refugees the Karen (Long-Necked) Tribe, H'mong, the Buddhist monks in Luang Praband and Angkor Wat; all to the music of the Cambodian Band, Dengue Fever.

American Indian Pow Wow

This is the 17th Annual Pow Wow at The Fort in Morrison, Colorado, June 2017, featuring the Lakota Sioux, Cheyenne and many other tribes, representing the American West. One Minute Long.

Six Minutes in the Serengeti

During the wildebeest migration on the Ndutu Plain in Tanzania this video slide show features a Masai village, cheetahs, lions, eagles, and other wildlife. Taken in March, 2017.

Around the World in 4 Minutes

When I was a psychotherapist an AIDS patient told me what he wanted most was lots of adventures so when he was sick he would have lots of great memories. I thought that was a great way to approach living, and this video is the result of my years of collecting adventures and memories, and the photography that was the result.

Pushkar Camel Market

This is a 300 year old market at which ten thousand camels attend to be sold, traded, paraded and raced. It is an exotic event and includes horse trading, gypsy dancers, musicians, chai wallahs, sadhus, snake charmers, ferris wheels, and all manner of merchants. There is a reason that earplugs are provided in our tent. The panoply goes on all night.

Faces of India

The people of India were very gracious about having their picture taken, and in many tourist areas they wanted a photo or selfie with us. In rural areas they were both curious about us and shy. This video shows the diversity of India, and we only saw a small part of Rajasthan.

Morocco - March, 2016

We landed in Tangier and were met by our guide, driver and translator Mohammed Aboud, who with his brother and father have a tourist agency called Trips to Morocco. Mohammed drove us first to the blue city of Chefchaouen, and then South to Fez, Mechnes, and the Sahara Desert; and we ended our trip in Marrakesh.

Botswana & Namibia 2016

A quick sampling of our photo safari with CNP Safaris using custom vehicles and professional photography guides from South Africa.

Stalking Lioness with Masai Chanting

While on safari in Kenya we actually stayed with this lioness over an hour to get this two minute video. She did a lot of careful creeping towards her prey (we were between her and her antelope). She was with another lioness, and they were using a strategy of a "striker" and a "catcher". The striker would drive the prey towards the catcher, who would make the kill. In this case this lioness was the catcher, but shortly after this video clip they gave up and didn't attempt a kill because the antelope wandered too far away to be caught by surprise.

The Five Minute Kenya Safari

Here is the distillation of approximately eighty hours of game drives at three Safari Parks in Kenya: Meru, Samburu and Masai Mara In August, 2014. It involved a lot of driving and waiting, but as you can see it had it's peak moments. This video is incorporated into my blog on the trip:

Botswana 2012

Published in 2016 with new software, these are photos and videos taken on our safari in Botswana with And Beyond Safaris.

Bull Elephant in Botswana

This bull was telling us to get out of his face! It was one of those moments that takes your breath away. He was so close I backed off my camera to wide angle.

Elephant Orphanage

The Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. It is mostly populated by the babies of elephants killed by poachers for their ivory tusks. The babies are taken in and have handlers who stay with them 24/7, and become their adoptive parents. They are gradually reintroduced to a wild herd, but the process can take ten years. For more information go to:

3 Minute Cuba

February, 2015 trip to Cuba. It was primarily a scuba diving trip to the Gardens of the Queen, but we spent two days on land. This depicts what our tour experienced. This being my second trip to Cuba, albeit brief, the one thing that stands out is their MUSIC!

Gardens of the Queen, Cuba

Archipielago de los Jardines de la Reina, an underwater park established in 1996 to protect the reef and it's inhabitants. The result is many different species of fish that are allowed to grow to a great size, specifically the goliath grouper - which is extinct in much of the Caribbean. There is also a prevalence of sharks, which were with us on almost every dive. Where the reef in many parts of the world is dying, this park demonstrates how corals and fish can thrive.

This video depicts a dive trip organized with Denver Divers, through Ocean Doctor and Avalon in February, 2015.

Diving with Great White Sharks

220 miles off the coast of Baja Mexico we encounter great white sharks.

Manta Ray Encounter

Soccoro Islands off the coast of Mexico where I was on a shark research ship in 2010. We were circled my curious manta rays.

Jellyfish Meditation

Taken at the Monterey Bay Aquarium with an iPhone

Beqa Lagoon, Fiji

On a visit to the local school, where tourists are entertained with singing and dancing by the school children.


A video preview of a much larger project profiled on the site: It is all about travel, encountering other cultures, and how we are all connected - all one.

The Universal Child

Five minutes of kids around the world demonstrating their spontaneity, spunk and playfulness. It illustrates both the diversity and universality of the human family.

Sepik Croc Festival

Remote jungle festival only accessable by dugout canoe on the Sepik River in Papua New Guinea

Mudmen of Papua New Guinea

As the story goes the Mudmen were routed by a larger klan and got their land back by making their mud costumes, hiding among the graves in the cemetery and making the other klan flee in fear of ghosts. To see a full description of this trip, taken August 2015 go to:

Forest Spirits at the Kanganamun Spirit House, Papua New Guinea

To see a full description of this trip, taken August 2015 go to:

Courtship Ceremony, Papua New Guinea

To see a full description of this trip, taken August 2015 go to:

Mt Hagen Sing-Sing, Papua New Guinea

A sing-sing in Papua New Guinea is like an American Indian PowWow.

To see a full description of this trip, taken August 2015 go to:

A Tribute to a Rock Star

A tribute to Judy S. Linn who is loved by many, and gives of herself as a mother, grandmother, wife, sister, friend, and as the Director of Nursing at John George Psychiatric Hospital in San Leandro, CA. She is an avid cook whose cakes and pies are particularly popular among her workmates, and her holiday dinners are renown with her family. Her favorite holiday is Halloween when she dresses as a witch and gives out twenty pounds of candy. She is an enthusiastic adventure traveler, having been to over thirty countries, and also become a certified diver. And she is a dog lover, particularly of Irish Wolfhounds and Scottish Deerhounds. She also loves to camp, and her getaway is an aspen grove in the mountains of Colorado.